Francesca Fachechi, I was born on November 29, 1973 in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Self-taught, I started painting with acrylic colors on canvas, focusing on black and white and then devoting myself to color. Figurative art is what I express my creativity in. In particular I love the female figure in his suspended dimension, not ascribable to a precise space and time. From the women I represent a mystical and inviolable sensuality shines through, a 'invulnerability carnal, sublimated by the fullness that comes from the awareness of existing as the quintessence of harmony and beauty. The absence of academic indoctrination gives my art full freedom of creative movement from which my personal "non-technical" takes shape. I find it exhilarating to discover from their mistakes new possibilities of use of matter and colors.



Galleria Farini “In mostra con i grandi artisti” Bologna

07/09/2019 – 17/09/2019

Subcity Gallery “Bright2” Milano

11/10/2019 – 18/10/2019


15/11/2019 – 18/11/ 2019

WikiArte “Tra linee forme e colori” Bologna

14/12/2019 – 27/12/2019

Galleria Malinpensa “Le donne nell’arte” Torino

23/02/2020 – 07/03/ 2020

Biennale ville venete 2020“

23/03/2020 –  31/08/2020

Art space “Amars” Milano

13/10/2020 – 27/10/2020

“Art festival show”Santa Lucia (TV)

17/10/2020 – 20/10/2020


07/01/2021 – 24/01/2021